2021 Mini O’s Electric





50th Annual

Thor Mini O’s

Presented by Pro Circuit

November 20th – 27th 2021
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Olympiad Awards
Awarded to the rider who accumulates the most points in the Supercross main and Motocross overall in each class.
Pro Circuit Platinum Pipe Award
Awarded to the rider who accumulates the highest number of points in the Supercross main and Motocross overall combined. Select classes apply, see class award chart below.
Scott Golden Goggle Award
Awarded to the rider in the 250 and 450, B and C classes who accumulates the highest number of points in the Supercross main and Motocross overall combined.
Dunlop Silver Tire Award
Awarded to the rider in the Pro and A classes that accumulates the highest number of points in the Supercross main and Motocross overall combined.
Thor Bronze Boot Award
Awarded to the rider in the 65cc, 85cc, Mini Sr., Supermini and Schoolboy classes that accumulates the highest number of points in the Supercross main and Motocross overall combined.
Nihilo Prodigy Award
Awarded to the 50cc rider in all 50 classes that accumulates the highest number of points, combined in both Supercross and Motocross
VP Ironman Award
Selected by an industry panel at race

Diamond Award
This award recognizes a rider who exemplifies late Jantz Grodzicki’s love and dedication to the motocross sport.  This award will be presented to a “B” or “C” rider that creates a positive impact, is humble, acts as a role model for others and represents his or her sponsors well.  The recipient of this award must ride both Supercross and Motocross.  We are looking for that one-of-a-kind rider… the “Diamond in the Rough”!

Renthal Mechanic of the Year Award
This award honors the Mechanic who has made an outstanding contribution to his rider and/or team this year and has gone above and beyond the call of duty.  The mechanic exemplifies their love and dedication to not only the rider he supports but to the motocross sport. The mechanic must be nominated by the rider or team in a written essay explaining what sets your mechanic apart from the rest.  Essay must be turned in by Friday and the winner will be selected by a selected industry panel.

Facility Information

  • Pit Vehicle Pass fee PRICES COMING SOON .
  • Pit vehicles (pit bikes, golf carts, mules UTVs, ATVs, mopeds, scooters) may be used by PERMIT ONLY. MAXIMUM SPEED IS 5 MPH
  • Unauthorized pit vehicles will be confiscated and the racer subject to penalty, or even disqualification. Pit vehicles or golf carts are not permitted on the adjoining property, past the “No Trespassing” signs or in the woods.
  • Early entry parking fee is $50. Early entry parking is Wednesday, November 17 – Thursday, November 18.  Friday at 6:00am early parking ends. Early parking is during daylight hours only.
  • Gates officially open for event parking Friday, November 19 @ 6am (no early entry fee after this time).
  • You will be parked in the order you arrive at the track. If you would like to pit with someone else, you will need to arrive with them so you can be parked together.
  • Riders and Mechanics must have armband and mechanic pass when you enter the staging area for practice and racing.
  • There is a pump out service that provides holding tank pump out daily for a fee. Do not dump gray or black water on the ground.
  • There is a fuel, oil, solvent dump station at the front gate. Do not dump oil, gas, or solvent on the ground.
  • Non-Potable water fill truck will be available to fill your tank for a fee.
  • Pit Bike Shutdown at dark – Absolutely No Pit Bike riding after dark
  • No loud noise after dark, No open fires, No fireworks
  • No vending of merchandise or services without prior written permission from Unlimited Sports. If you would like to vend, please contact us by email for your request.
  • Shipping Packages: Both UPS and Federal Express deliver to Gatorback. THE USPS DOES NOT DELIVER TO THE TRACK. Package pickup is located next to the registration office and you MUST have a picture ID to pick up packages. Please do not have packages delivered prior to Thursday, November 18th . Unlimited Sports MX is not responsible for the safekeeping of any packages.
  • Address packages clearly:(Only send packages UPS or FED-X)
    Gatorback Cycle Park
    Attention: (Rider’s Name or Business)
    20525 NW 46th Avenue, Alachua, Florida 32615
  • Lost & Found. If you find something or lose something please check with the track registration office.
  • Radio Station is 88.9 FM


* Main + SX Parking have paid electrical hook-up


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Race Format

Supercross Format
Heats and LCQ for gate pick. Points are awarded on main event finish.
Motocross Format
Moto 1 Divisions combined with Moto 2 finish for Overall. Points are awarded on overall finish.
Tie Breaker
Determined by the rider with the most wins, 2nd and 3rd place finish.

Road to Supercross & Pro Am Points

Road to Supercross and Pro Am Points
250 and 450 A & Pro Sport classes in Motocross and Supercross are eligible for Pro Am points
The American Motorcyclist Association released a competition bulletin announcing the 2020 Thor Mini O’s as a Road to Supercross point providing event due to the cancellation of the remainder of the 2020 Supercross Futures season. The following classes at the 2020 Thor Mini O’s will provide points for the Road to Supercross:
Top 20 overall riders in the 250cc A and 250cc Pro Sport Supercross classes will earn 2 points towards Supercross Futures



2020 Mini O's Classes


2020 Mini O’s Practice Order PDF Download

2020 Mini O’s Race Order PDF Download


Speciality Awards are limited to 4 Classes
Questions? Email them to info@unlimitedsportsmx.com

Race Fees and Points

Pre – Race Entry Fee per Class:
2021 prices coming soon
Amateur :
Pro :
At Race Entry Fee per Class:
Amateur :
Pro :
Early Arrival
Wednesday November 17 and 18 during daylight hours only.
Early parking fee is $50 if you do not have an electric hook up. Everyone must purchase a wristband upon arrival. When you purchase a wristband, it is good for the remainder of the event.
(Once you purchase a wristband, whatever day you arrive, it is good for the remainder of the event)
If you arrive on:
Sat Nov 21 6:00am-11:pm
Sun Nov 22 6:00am-11:00pm
Mon Nov 23 6:00am-11:00pm
Tue Nov 24 6:00am-11:00pm
Wed Nov 25 6:00am-11:00pm
Thur Nov 26 6:00am-11:00pm
Fri Nov 27  6:00am-11:00pm
Sat Nov 28 6:00am
One day on Thanksgiving day only
Under 5 are FREE
If we happen to have the gates open past 11:00pm on any night, the cost of the wristband will be the same up until 6:00am the next day
Pit Vehicle:
$10,000 PRO/A PURSE // AMA Pro Am Points EventMINIOPOINTS

AMA Supplemental Rules

1.Number plates must have either dark background with light numbers or light background with dark numbers
2. If a rider has a DNF or DNS in a supercross consi, he or she may advance to the LCQ or main event with last gate pick if there is no LCQ in that class.  If a rider has a DNF or DNS in the first moto of motocross, he or she may advance to the LCQ or second moto with last gate pick if there is no LCQ for that class.
3. The following are NOT permitted in the LIMITED CLASS
a. High compression pistons, port clean-up; metal hand guards; or aftermarket ECU units.
b. Changes or modifications to the internal engine components, frame, sub-frame, carburetor, EFI throttle body, air box, intake boot, swing arm, rim size, lower/bottom triple clamp, and wheel hubs. Engine blue printing and crank balancing are prohibited.
c. All parts of the exhaust system as designed by the manufacturer (OEM) for a particular model and year must remain stock. This includes, but is not limited to, the head pipe, mid pipe, and silencer. Updating to a more recent year exhaust is prohibited unless the OEM part number is the same. The silencer end cap may be changed for the sole purpose of inserting a spark arrestor, so long as there is no performance enhancement.
d. Gaskets, air filter screen, O-rings or other components may NOT be removed.
e. Only production tires readily available to the general public may be used.
f. The kill switch on all 51cc automatic machines must be stock and fully functioning.
g. 51cc Shaft Class: Oil injection systems must be present and fully functioning. Only oil may be put in the reservoir. Pre-mix gasoline is NOT permitted in the oil injection system.
4. The following ARE permitted in the LIMITED CLASS:
a. Replacement fuel filters, air filters, gas line, handlebars, crossbar pads, non-metal open-ended hand- guards, serrated foot pegs, lower fork leg protectors, spokes and nipples, decals, spark plugs, spark plug caps, sprockets, handlebar mounts, seat covers, and upper triple clamp.
b. Programming or mapping changes to the stock OEM ECU unit and carburetor jetting ARE permitted.
c. Cylinder re-plating is allowed but must retain the original manufacturer’s bore and port specifications.
d. Clutch plates, pistons and piston rings may be accessory items, so long as they maintain the stock shape, design and material of the OEM parts.
e. Material may be added to the existing frame for strength, including welding.
f. OEM front and rear suspension can be altered with internal modifications only.
g. Shock linkage and suspension spring rates may be changed to any commercially available part.
h. Rims can be replaced with OEM or aftermarket rims of the same size and width.
i. Front fork/rear linkage holeshot devices (aftermarket or OEM).
j. All other internal engine components must be stock OEM parts.
k. Changes that are cosmetic in nature are allowed, so long as there is no performance advantage.

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